Idyllic garden and house in Falsterbo

In this beautiful house, with the idyllic garden having more than hundred different roses, lives the Swedish couple David and Madeleine. The house was built in 1901 by a bank director and was kept in the same family for three generations before the couple bought it. It is located in Falsterbo and was the third summerhouse there, before the town became a real holiday destination where people spend their summer vacations.

What I remember most from this article in Elle Decoration is that the couple says that people are too anxious nowadays to not have the right furniture or follow the latest trends. This is something that you should not bother about, but just trust your own intuition about what is right for your home. Well said! Just look at the result above by someone following that mindset!

And that garden...!


Photo art by Love Warriors

I recently saw this black and white photo taken by Roy Rossovich for Love Warriors and I think it is so cool and artistic. A bit mysterious. It is called Prayer and I think it is an incredible photo shoot. It somehow spoke to me. I could really think of having this on my wall.

The picture has a stamp to guarantee its authenticity and this gives an additional intresting aspect to the picture.


Kähler autumn - winter news 2016

The best thing with autumn is all the product news that are coming by all brands. Phew! I had a hard time to pick just a few favoruites among Kähler's autumn - winter news. I liked too many of them. As I could not decide or choose I posted all of those I liked most! Hope you like them also! A real picture cavalcade of my favourites!
You can see more details of the products here.
Press pictures | Kähler


At Nordhemsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden

This nicely furnished two-roomed flat is now for sale at Nordhemsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden. So much details to get inspired by. The double set of round mirrors on the wall, decorative black vintage chairs, lamps, daybed, wooden cupboard, bubble vase, mix of living green plants... All in contrast to the daring blue wall colour and flowery wallpaper.


Hello August

Hello August! My vacation is now running to an end (my last day!) and as the weather is a bit cooler and cloudy today I can with good conscience sit inside and blog. I have missed it! It has just been too hot inside my apartment so I decided to pause and breathe out and have not opened the computer very often. I picked a few autumn favourites for you today that are either on my mind or I have already bought. Focus is on updating the wardrobe, organizing and cosy autumn evenings!

I am renewing my wardrobe and trying to sort all my clothes nicely. According to what I use most and what I can use and what I definitely not use... What I always seem to be lacking, though, are hangers! I found some decent ones in copper, black and gold to a good price at Clas Ohlson. They turned out to be both good and nice-looking so I will need to buy some more...

A new measuring set would not be bad, in stainless steel. This one is from Lagerhaus.

I need new little, cute baskets for keys, chargers or necklaces!

I bought a new black and white boat neck top yesterday. Perfect with jeans!

I like those new ballerinas with a higher cutting. These ones in old rose from H&M.

I am so fond of this Italian Gatto lamp. The bigger size was featured on the cover of Elle Decoration Sweden lately and my wish list got updated in that same moment.

I need a new blanket for those sofa moments during the dark autumn. Maybe a knitted one?

Cute little bowl in stoneware from H&M.
 Happy Sunday!


Fly little bird, fly

"It's so still and quiet. I hear only birds."

I am still celebrating a wonderful summer holiday and had actually not planned to be completely off from the blog all the time, but somehow I realized I needed it. To step outside and leave the computer aside for a while. I think that is the way to load the energy completely and gather new passion to continue with new insights, ideas and a broader mind.

I, however, wanted now to step by and share some pictures I took outside in the nature yesterday with some old wooden fellows of mine (they come from Architectmade). The wooden birds that I have noticed I nowadays collect...:) It was so great fun and I love photographing! Putting these creatures all over in the nature made me both laugh and loaded so much energy in me, I could have gone on forever but finally I was starving and had to go. The weather was super (I burned my shoulders and arms), waves were rolling to the shore, the breeze was warm and there were hardly any people around wondering what I was doing when climbing the cliffs and lying on the ground to photograph the birds. Isn't the nature beautiful up here in Finland? I just had to spam you with loads of photos...:) It was a lucky summer day!